Sacred Himalaya

Sacred Himalaya is a Nepal based Company specialising in Mountain Treks and Pilgrimage Tours in the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Bhutan. We pride ourselves on providing intimate personalised Tours, taylor made to ensure our clients get the very most out of each trip they undertake with us. All our trips are organised to start and finish in Kathmandu where our Nepal office is based. At the start and end of each of itineraries is a full sight-seeing program to ensure our clients get to see the wonderful Temples and Monasteries this wonderful city has to offer.

When you travel with Sacred Himalaya, you can be sure that We’ll take care of every aspect of trekking, touring and climbing. Sacred Himalaya trips provide safe, personalized and flexible opportunities for trekkers and climbers in the Nepal Himalaya. Also Sacred Himalaya is known for it’s outstanding safety record as well as the personalized service we offer. We cater to all levels of travelers, from experienced trekkers and mountaineers looking to challenge themselves on the Himalayan peaks to beginners looking for a scenic introduction to the beauty and culture of Nepal. Whether you have two days or several weeks to spend in the mountains, prefer to travel in a group or privately, Sacred Himalaya will tailor an itinerary to suite your needs.

We poud of our  achievements in helping our  clients to enjoy in the beautiful country Nepal with its unique culture and fascinating history. And we Sacred Himalaya team truly thankful for the numerous compliments highlighted in the testimonials by our previous clients, and for the firm and enduring friendships we developed. Should you choose Sacred Himalaya, you’ll come to Nepal as a guest, but you’ll leave as a friend.

Binay Lama - Director

Binay Lama is the mountain man and runs Sacred Himalaya in Nepal. Binay grew up in the hills and mountains of Nepal and his natural proggression saw him earn his apprenticeship on the Trekking trails as a trekking leader. Days when he regularly questioned what his live was about. His knowledge of the mountain trails gave him inroads into guiding and he soon established himself as a popular guide. Binay may not be the tallest but what he lacks in height, he makes up for in strength. But Binays standout quality was his ability to understand the western mind and understand what his clients needed and how to ensure they succeeded in their quest. In 2008 it was time to go his own way and Sacred Himalya was born. Binay spends his time between the mountains in trekking season and UK , USA and Europe in the summer, broadening his network of friends and clients.


Dhirga Lal Lama – Hello! I am Dhirga Lal Lama, the tour opertor of Sacred Himalaya Treks.  I’ve been leading treks and tours through Nepal’s mountains since 1999. After nine years of leading treks for other companies, We decided to start our own company in 2008. As someone with a passion for the outdoors and Nepal’s culture and history.  Sacred Himalaya Treks is a member of the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP).